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LuchyNews is a content creation Blog powered by Tanimowo Boluwatife and self-motivated contributors with local knowledge and expertise. Am currently supporting  contributors who share content that matters most to them, Though i treat on Imporatnt News and Topics both in Nigeria, Africa and Other Part of the world highlighted with local flair. LuchyNews is transforming how relevant content is created for audiences around the world. My core focus is to generate content that is meaningful all over the world, to users through topics of interest, increased relevancy within local markets, and with an emphasis on content quality and also to promote service or events people might benefit from.

Please if you find any post you think is not worthy to be posted here kindly contact me for removal of it but kindly note that I will never pick a post from a forum or site without contacting the owner unless the owner fails to reply my permission to copy the post or a late reply.

About Me

Firstly i will like to Thank you so much for visiting my Blog LuchyNews, you might have been wondering why this blog is named LuchyNews! Yeah, it might sound ackward, but just the truth: Reason for that name has to do with my love with the name Luchy and how i planned to name my daughter that when i start rasing kids lol.

My name is Tanimowo Boluwatife Michael, am the fourth born of my dad and the third of my Mother. I grew up only to realize that the man i taught was my dad was not. My parents were separated when i was two and i grew up with my mom which i think have somewhat influenced my mindset and the way i think my life should have been. I was born in Oshodi-Isolo Local Government of Lagos State and i was raised in Oluyole Local government at Ibadan, Oyo State where my mom moved to after her separation with my dad.

My Main focus is to bring out sometinng from African whereby people outside africa will always benefit of and also to make Africa.
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For Bolu Africa Contact Details,
please contact:
Email: luchynews@gmail.com
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 Please Note that My Service might looks so cheap and also make sure that any mail you send are well addressed. don not copy my mail or else i wont bother to review your mail. Thanks.

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I truly believe tht you guys are great cos your cover page is surely a world class type and I have no dubt tht if going by this standard, tht sky will even you 'll surpass, WELL DONE SO FAR.

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