My Song 'FEM" & Support Durring #EndSars Campaign Got Me Into Trouble And Had To Leave Nigeria - Davido Reveals

Davido has disclosed how his song 'FEM' & his support durring the #EndSARS campaign got him into trouble and had to leave the country.

The Singer opened up on Wednesday, September 29, during a chat on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah about how his song 'FEM' was used as an anthem by End SARS protesters during the nationwide protests in 2020,

He stated he "did not record the song (Fem) thinking the protest was going to happen."

He, however, added that it was "amazing" watching his voice become an "instrument" used to request for change but he said it got him into a lot of trouble.

He told Trevor Noah: "I got into a lot of trouble. I had to actually leave the country. It was that bad.

"I was reposting everything that had to do with the campaign. It was amazing to see people come out like that.”

"And I will say this: they listened to us. They heard us. They might not have changed anything but they were shook.

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