Photo: A 10-year old boy acts as vigilante, carries a gun in Nigeria

The boy has been identified as Bello Abdulkadir Ado. In the picture, he was holding a gun as a security personnel and even wore a vigilante uniform.

The boy is said to be a member of the group in Safana local government area of the state, and as a member of the security group, he was allocated a locally made gun.

However, some Nigerians has condemned the photo terming it a child abuse. some reactions below...

”That poor boy at his tender age, he will surely have a traumatic experience and it will affect him when he grow up, which can even make him become one of the most fearless bandits kingpin.”

”In the same State ….there is an ongoing polo tournament in preparation for the Royal wedding of Yusuf Buhari and Princess of Bichi…..while the Sai Baba/4×4 advocates are now donating their 10yrs old children to watch their back and even contributing monies in advance for communal ransom payment……Oya enjoy your Next Level.”

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