Light Up Your Homes And Businesses With A Solar System Today

Beebeejump solar offers you 24-7 electricity and puts you in charge of your own electricity bill.

With Beebeejump Solar you will enjoy an uninterrupted power supply

Our products can last for 8 to 10 years with 3 years warranty. We have offices in all 36 States of the federation and Abuja. We also offer payment on Delivery...

Call or WhatsApp:   09054756813, 08065856871 to place your order

Products: S1 & H-Series

The system comprises a battery made with lithium-ion that can be charged with both Sunlight and Electricity (NEPA or generator). It is a 338-watt battery capacity with an AC inverter of 150watts that can power your TV, decoder, clippers, laptops, standing fans, bulbs, etc.

 It can be used for homes and businesses like a barbing salon, charging business, poultry, etc

You can choose from any of the payment plans below that works with your budget.

- Full payment of #250, 000 .

- 1-year plan - #80000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #16500 for 1 year.

- 2 years plan - #50000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #11,300.

- 3 years plan- #35000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #9,300.

H -series

These are higher-capacity products from H1-H5. The H1 is a 2.5kva capacity solar system that can be used in large houses. It comes with six solar panels of 273W, a battery of 2.5kva, and an inverter of 2.5kva output and it goes for #1,880,000.

 It is a big system that can be used to power equipment like pumping machines, Freezers. The H series product comes with 5 years battery warranty period.

H2 5KVA - #2,510,000

H3 10KVA - #5,010,000

H4 15KVA - #7,510,000

H5 20KVA - #10,060,000

For more personalized inquiries about other H series products please refer 09054756813

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