Girl who became pregnant at 13 and claimed 10-year-old boy was responsible is pregnant again


A girl who became pregnant at 13, and claimed her 10-year-old boyfriend was responsible, is expecting another child.

Darya Sudnishnikova, from Zheleznogorsk in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia made headlines last year when she claimed her boyfriend Ivan, who was 10 at the time and still in primary school, got her pregnant.

However, Darya later told police that she had been raped by another 14-year-old boy.

She gave birth to daughter Emilia in August 2020 at the age of 14.

Darya, now 15, says tests show she is now six weeks pregnant, and she has seen a gynecologist.

Darya with Ivan, then 10, when she was pregnant with first child

The schoolgirl broke down in tears as she told a Telegram online channel: "The father of this child is Maksim (her 17-year-old boyfriend), because for the past five or maybe even eight months I have had no other sexual partner.

She revealed that her boyfriend insulted her when he found out she's pregnant.

She reposted a message from her boyfriend which read: "You are so stupid…

"You got pregnant and claim this is my child. You do not have brains at all..."

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