Seun Egbegbe Denies kidnapping Actress Toyin Aimakhu In IG Post

Yesterday (February 18) Nigerian actress Toyin Aimakhu, 31 posted two bizarre videos of her crying on Instagram. In the videos she was pleading for Instagram comedian twyse_116 not to kill himself. The IG Comedian was later found to be alive. The drama did not stop there. Several of Toyin Aimakhu’s friends raised an alarm online that the actress had been allegedly kidnapped by her lover, Seun Egbebe of Ebony Films.

According to her friends the actress didn’t show up at the movie location she was supposed to be at yesterday. When they called her phone lines a man kept answering. It was believed that Seun Egbebe who has been dating Toyin Aimakhu since she left her husband seized her phones and kidnapped her.

Seun Egbebe however denied these claims in an Instagram post which he has now deleted.
 The Post reads...
“Lol this is funny I don't do this but I really think Is needed# cos i need to clear my hand off what I was wrongly accused of#is it possible for a man to kidnap his woman living in his house as house wife#if I kidnap her who will pay the randsom ask by the kidnappers #am in my house when I read a post on Instagram that I kidnap my wife @aimakhutoyin #let just give a clue of what happen #i was at home in my living room this morning when my friends and family called me about toyin post on Instagram that she post another man as her crush# and crying about the man on her page ur husband doing everything I want for u that is what is called adultry ,she left from my house this morning to kemi Korede movie shooting so I was angry and I went to the movie location I took her phone from her#cos I don't want a slap on my face anymore#i guess taking that step is not too much me #how can I kiddnap a woman with my car of millions of naira# I won't say more than dia but I know very soon the truth will be out soon#but the comedy I love about the all story is that she said I kiddnap her phone she kiddnap my rangerover jeep” wrote Seun Egbebe.
Screenshot of Egbegbe's IG post

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